Jennifer Nettles’ Diet and Exercise Routine: Staying Fit and Healthy

January 27, 2011

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Sugarland’s sexy songstress Jennifer Nettles always looks effortlessly cool, and can readily rock a red carpet gown as easily as a tank and cutoffs. Here, we got the southern singer-songwriter to dish on her secrets to feeling comfortable no matter what you’re in, and how she’s at her best shape in years.

"I eat really healthily and I feel I’m more relaxed because of yoga. I’m nuts about yoga." She says.

Jennifer-Nettles.jpgJennifer Nettles’ diet involves eating healthy meals and using portion control.

She shares, “So that I don’t get ravenous after a show, my yoga teacher suggested I lie on the floor with my legs propped on the wall and breathe deeply for five minutes. By the time I stand, I’m able to think clearly about my food choices.

Jennifer Nettles’ diet obviously allows her to eat whatever she prefers as long as the servings are kept in a minimal amount. This eliminates the sense of deprivation other diets can impose on their follower.

She also shares that members of the band wants to keep themselves healthy,

“Everyone in the band wants to stay well, so we started an e-mail chain on our Black Berries: We send each other lists of what we’ve eaten and how much exercise we’ve done each day. It keeps us on track.”

For Jennifer Nettles’ exercise routine, she does yoga even when she’s on tour.

“On the road, Kristian and I try to do yoga every other day. We’ll either bring in a teacher or use to check out local classes,” she shares. Yoga for Jennifer helps in boosting her immune system. It also helps in strengthening and stretching her body simultaneously while keeping the mind, body and spirit well-balanced.

Jennifer also shares her favorite part of her yoga experience,

“Savasana. That’s everybody’s favorite part. The actual purpose of yoga is to prepare the body and mind for meditation. I love the feeling of space and calm that comes after a practice. The distractions of the day have been left behind when you step on the mat so that when you step off, you are more fully yourself. It is a beautiful feeling. The most relaxed you could ever feel. More than massage. More than sleep. More than … well, more than most anything."

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