Jennifer Connelly’s Diet and Exercise Tips for Staying Fit as a Mom

December 7, 2010

Celebrity Weight Loss

Actress Jennifer Connelly may be busy juggling her priorities — as a mom to two children, as the face of Balenciaga and cosmetics giant Revlon, and as movie actress — but the Oscar Awardee is no slacker when it comes to the fitness department.

jennifer-connelly.jpgJennifer Connelly’s diet adhered to the vegan eating plan for several years before she became pregnant.

She says, “I’d been vegan for many years, and then all of a sudden, when I was pregnant with Kai, I wanted a turkey burger. That was the end of my being vegan.”

Now, she is into a low calorie diet, and consumes lots of vegetables, fruits and lean proteins while avoiding refine and processed foods.

"I love sushi. I eat lots of greens." She says. "And apples. Oh my God, I eat so much apples, it’s absurd."

She does yoga which she claims makes her feel more “integrated” as she states,

“I get myself into some weird contortion poses in my trailer. I like the way it makes me feel when I’m standing and walking.”

Jennifer Connelly’s exercise routine also includes running and strength training, to tone up her muscles and increase her endurance.

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