Holly Hunter’s Diet and Exercise Secrets for Maintaining a Well Toned Body

December 7, 2010

Celebrity Weight Loss

You’d think giving birth to twins at 47 years old would have taken it’s toll on Holly Hunter, but no, the actress is still as gorgeous as ever. There’s no doubt she looks good, but is running after tots her secret to that seemingly eternal youth?

"I wish that were the case!" Holly laughs. "But yes that helps, having kids around, they’re like exercise. Chasing them and carrying them."

Holly shares how she worked hard to maintain her lean physique even after giving birth, saying her slimmed down figure could only be credited to exercise and a balanced healthy diet. Holly Hunter’s diet typically consists of consuming foods low in fat and cutting back on anything processed or refined. 

Holly-Hunter.jpgHolly Hunter’s exercise regimen covers two hours of her every day, using the treadmill, Pilates and weight training.

"Treadmill to keep my lower body in shape, weight training because I wanted to look strong and not overdeveloped. Then Pilates to tone my muscles." Holly shares. "My personal trainer helped pick out the exercises that I needed."

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