Jason Statham’s Diet and Exercise Routine: High Intensity Routines

April 4, 2011

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English actor and diver Jason Statham is one hot movie star who became well-known internationally for playing the roles in the films’ Snatch, The Transporter and most recently, The Expendables. You’ll normally see him doing his own stunts in every film he does. Hence, you’d never miss seeing him in excellent shape in every role he plays and actually has lost 17 pounds for the new role he did. So how does he accomplish this?

 Jason-Statham.jpg“You must learn to be moderate in eating, and eat only enough to remain healthy, and fit for trance,” he shares.

Jason Statham’s diet involves eating six small meals a day with a total of 2,000 calories plus a lot of water. His diet actually contains a lot of healthy vegetables, lean meats such as chicken and turkey, fish, egg-whites, nuts, fresh fruit, yogurt, and a couple of protein shakes. Even his deserts are made from fat free yogurt with mixed fruit added for flavour. Furthermore, Jason Statham’s diet doesn’t allow any intake of bread, pasta, refined sugar or flour, sweets, and of course, alcohol.

For Jason Statham’s exercise routine, he starts with warming-up for 10 minutes which involves riding a bike, jogging, rowing, stretching, and the like. After which, he does 10 minutes of moderate-intensity training wherein he does a blend of different activities and never repeats the same routine. An example of his moderate-intensity workout involves the following:

  • A combination of light weight, high rep exercises
  • A combination of heavy weight, low rep exercises with compound movements such as Bench Press, Squats, and Dead-Lifts
  • A variety of medicine ball throwing exercises such as aggressively lifting the ball and throwing it on the ground.
  • A variety of kettle bell exercises such as swinging your arms with the kettle bells, lifting them over your head, etc.

During the end part of Jason Statham’s exercise routine, he does high-intensity interval training which involves doing 6 exercises that work out his entire body together with repeating the circuit five times. Again, he likes to keep this routine varied always and sometimes, even adds something new or different. He only allots 10 seconds to rest in between every exercise to keep his heart pumping and his blood circulation consistent. Below are examples of his high-intensity interval training exercises:

  • Pullups and Pushups
  • Rope Climbs
  • Bear Crawl
  • Farmer Walk
  • Front Squats
  • Weighted Step-Ups
  • Hanging Knee Raises
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