Chris Brown’s Diet and Exercise Routine: Fun and His Career Makes Him Fit

April 4, 2011

Celebrity Weight Loss

American R&B singer and dancer, Chris Brown continues to be famous for his excellent music which includes the hit songs like Run It!, Kiss Kiss, I Can Transform Ya, Forever, and a lot more. As undeniable one of the best entertainers in the world, Chris Brown certainly has managed to always look good when facing his fans. With his awesome talent, fit, and well-toned figure, he is obviously a star with real talents rolled in one. Here, Chris shares the reasons behind the amazing figure he has.

Chris-Brown.jpgChris Brown’s diet plan involves a calorie controlled diet plan which is one of the increasingly popular diet plans today as people are getting more conscious regarding their caloric intake. This diet plan involves keeping track of a seven-day eating plan the dieter typically eats and drinks throughout the entire day and week.

Chris Brown’s diet plan actually allows eating any foods as long as the caloric consumption in a day doesn’t go beyond the allowable caloric allowance.

For Chris Brown’s exercise routine, he dances and loves playing basketball. Dancing is obviously part of Chris’ daily routine as a performer which requires a lot of core strength and functional training together with compound weight training and bodyweight circuit training.

Furthermore, Chris Brown’s exercise routine includes some weight training and core strength training which is simple yet effective in attaining that 6-pack abs any man would want for themselves. On other hand, basketball also is an excellent exercise as it involves high jumps, quick turns, dodging and ducking that burns a lot of calories.

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