Have You Heard of Yogilates?

June 17, 2009

Exercise & Fitness

Well yogilates is a form of exercising that began over a decade ago in New York. You know about Pilates and Yoga. Well now you can exercise, develop your flexibility and mobility and relax yourself all at the same time. The solution is offered by yogilates.

Yogilates is a balanced workout that has takes the best elements of yoga and Pilates. Yogilates is a new word that describes the blending of yoga and Pilates in a single workout. It is a workout that takes into consideration and exercises your body, mind and soul.

From yoga your body gets more flexible while from Pilates your muscles get strengthened and you can concentrate better. Through yogilates you will know your body better, to achieve a state of equilibrium, to breath better and improve your self-control.


The yogilates movements exercise your abdominal, buttocks, and lower back muscles the most. While some muscles are tensed other get relaxed. You have to get used with those movements and to apply in your daily life what you have learned during the Yogilates class. You learn to control you breathing and not succumb to the fear of inconvenient positions.

Yogilates was the idea of Jonathan Urla, a Pilates instructor and personal trainer. After getting the idea he knew it will work. Yogilates was proven to be a good way to exercise your body. Many consider Jonathan Urla a leader in the fitness world. For more information of yogilates you should buy his book “Yogilates – Integrating Yoga and Pilates for Complete Fitness, Strength and Flexibility” published in 2002 and translated in many languages.

Jonathan Urla stresses a lot breathing and body posture. He advises us to control on a daily basis, at every minute, our body posture and how we breath. If we manage to achieve a good posture when we stand up or when we sit or in te bed the better we will feel all the time. Tiredness and head, neck, back pains will be alleviated even cured. At first it can be hard but in time you will get used to keeping a good body posture all the time. A good posture doesn’t mean only keeping your back straight. Your shoulders must be at the same level, both of your feet must be aligned and parallel. Watch yourself in the mirror from front and side and see the differences.

Your health and quality of life is linked to a good posture. You can even get all kind of health problems because of a bad posture maintained all the time. Always be conscious about your posture and keep your back and neck straight. Imagine that instead of a spine you have a rope that unites your lower back with your neck and the top of your body. Try to always keep that rope stretched at all times. Like someone is pulling on it from above your head.

If you have the chance of joining a yogilates class you should give it a try. That way you will get the benefits of Pilates and Yoga at the same time.

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