More Tricks for a Good Night Sleep

June 17, 2009

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Make sure that your bedroom offers you all the necessary conditions to enjoy a good night sleep. In the morning open the window and let it open for as much as possible. That way you will have a fresh oxygenated room when you go to sleep at night.

Arrange your bed and make sure you have the best conditions to enjoy a good night sleep. Dust the room, cleaning it of dirt and dust. Change the sheets one a week. You can’t imagine how much dirt can your sheets amass. After all one of the dirtiest places in the house is the bedspread. Dust and dust mites create a suffocating sleep environment that will make it hard for you to enjoy a good night sleep.

You have to have a good mattress. If you have an uncomfortable mattress you can’t enjoy a good night sleep. If needed go buy a new one. The investment will be one of the best ones you can make this month. If you don’t have the money one trick you can try is flipping the mattress. That way usually you can extend the comfortable lifespan of your mattress and enjoy a better night sleep. If you decide to buy a new mattress try it out in the store. Make sure it will help you keep a good body posture while sleeping.


At night when you go to sleep make sure not light is getting inside your bedroom. Also close the window and door to ensure the maximum possible quiet time. If you have loud neighbors or you live near a street with intense traffic buy a pair of earplugs. They are cheap and very effective. The only problem that remains is how will you hear the alarm clock in the morning. Oh well at least you will wake up rested and energetic.

Don’t watch television before going to sleep. The news and the action movie will not relax you. Also don’t read or watch something controversial before going to sleep. Your brain will be working all night to take a stand and resolve the conflict. Watch or read something light, easy that will help you relax.

If you have hard times sleeping and falling asleep try taking a long hot bath or shower. Meditate, do some yoga or say a little prayer. During the day exercise a little. 30 minutes of physical activity daily makes you enjoy a better night sleep. I started waking up every hour throughout the night. Told this to my doctor and he suggested I take Ambien 10mg. I heard horror stories about Ambien making you see horrible dreams, sleepwalking, even driving for MacDonald’s without realizing you left the house. My doctor assured me that ifI take it as prescribed and stay away from alcohol, I’ll be fine. And I am. The best sleeping pill ever.

What others ideas to help others enjoy a good night sleep do you have?

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