Felicity Kendal’s Diet and Exercise Routine: Younger Than Her Age

March 31, 2011

Celebrity Weight Loss

English actress Felicity Kendal looks younger than her 60 years. The celebrity best known for her television and stage work including Shakespeare Wallah, The Good Life, and Rosemary & Thyme. has maintained her youthful glow and fit figure, which she attributes to her healthy diet and exercise routine. Here, she shares her secrets to her enviable looks.

Felicity-Kendal.jpg“It isn’t really about losing weight – it is more that everything is a bit more taut and toned,” she said. “I usually gauge how my figure is by whether my jeans can do up and what clothes I can fit in to,” Felicity claims.

Felicity Kendal’s diet involves the intake of various healthy foods rich with vitamins and minerals. Most of her meals or dishes are based from Italian and Indian cuisines which are among her two favourite cuisines.

She tries to avoid the intake of junk foods and fast foods as part of her diet regimen. Dieting is a lot easier for Felicity because she doesn’t have a sweet tooth unlike other celebrities.

For Felicity Kendal’s exercise routine, she loves working out three times a week in the gym. She does weight lifting and also Hatha yoga.

She claims that she does both Pilates and yoga which increases her flexibility and corrects her posture which is necessary when she dances on the dance floor.

Weight training, on the other hand, keeps her body strong and tones up the different muscles of her body.

Felicity Kendal’s exercise routine is done regularly because if she doesn’t work out regularly, she feels that her body is ceasing. The Strictly Come Dancing star also now loves dancing and claims that when the show ends, she will certainly sign up for some dance classes.

“I love what the show has given me,” she said. “You get something from it that you wouldn’t get if you just went to the gym.”

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