Danielle Lloyd’s Diet: 11 Weeks Post Pregnancy Transformation

March 31, 2011

Celebrity Weight Loss

British bombshell and beauty queen Danielle Lloyd has made a name for herself winning beauty titles all over her native England, and is certainly one of the hottest women of today. The 5 foot 8 stunner is perfect all over, with legs that won’t quit and a body that’s to-die-for. Here, the hazel-eyed brunette shares the diet and exercise routine that has kept her youthful glow all these years.

Danielle-Lloyd.jpg“I’ve got so much energy. I’m raring to go. My digestion is perfect and I have no more stomach pains. I’m also much less moody. I’ve lost more than half a stone- and that’s without being on a calorie controlled diet. It’s the perfect way to lose weight. I’m going to keep eating like this, it’s fantastic!” Danielle shares.

Danielle Lloyd’s diet involves the Holford diet plan which helped her lose weight post pregnancy.

This diet was made by nutritionist and bestselling author Patrick Holdford. It primarily aims to help the dieter burn fat and lose these fats fast as well.

It achieves its goal through the regulation of the Glycemic Load that needs to watch their consumption of carbohydrates, fatty food and sugars so they can lose weight.

This kind of diet is a low glycemic index diet otherwise regarded as a low GL diet which concentrates on eating foods that can maintain the blood glucose levels at the normal range and at the same time increases the energy of the dieter.

Unlike the Atkins diet, the low GI diet doesn’t restrict intake of any major food groups as it claims to be helpful for the person’s overall health.

An example of Danielle Lloyd’s diet plan on a typical day involves the following meals:

  • Breakfast: A bowl of porridge (30g) or scrambled egg on wholemeal toast
  • Morning snack: A punnet of strawberries
  • Lunch: Tuna salad and three oatcakes
  • Afternoon: snack Handful of unsalted peanuts and a pear
  • Dinner: Tomato soup, followed by salmon, sweetcorn and green beans or grilled chicken with vegetables.

There are actually no specific ingredients that needs to be consumed by dieters like Danielle are encouraged to eat lean fats, whole grain products, proteins, oatmeal, and foods that are low carb.

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