Elizabeth Hurley’s Diet and Exercise Regimen: Pretty and Sexy

January 22, 2011

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From being the face of cosmetics giant, Estée Lauder for 15 years to playing brainy, bespectacled Vanessa Kensington in the hit spy comedy Austin Powers, Elizabeth Hurley surely is the complete package. From her towering height of 5 feet 9 inches, to those piercing blue eyes and amazing figure, her whole persona screams sexy, something she credits her healthy lifestyle for.

"I try to have an old fashioned, low-calorie diet." She says. "And I’m not a fan of exercise, but I still do it for the benefits it does to my body."

Elizabeth-Hurley.jpgElizabeth Hurley’s diet consists of well balanced, portion controlled meals. Her diet encourages her to consume lots of fresh vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, nuts, seeds and at least 8 glasses of water every day.

For someone who is a self-confessed gym-hater, Elizabeth keeps her fit figure by staying active. Elizabeth Hurley’s exercise routine mainly consists of cardiovascular exercises such as running and walking the dogs.

"I do a brisk, 30-minute walk everyday." She says. "To improve my circulation and get things moving."

She still hits the gym to do squats, lunges, and resistance training.

"There couldn’t be a girl in the world who doesn’t long for a flatter stomach." She explains.

Elizabeth Hurley also includes attends Pilates and Yoga classes.

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