Elle Macpherson’s Diet and Exercise Routine Right from “The Body”

January 22, 2011

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Australian Supermodel Elle Macpherson is known as The Body in the modeling industry. A well-earned nickname, considering her six foot frame curves in all the right places, with long, lean legs that seem to go on forever. Add to that her lustrous blonde hair, sparkling brown eyes and sexy Aussie accent and you get the complete package. At 47 years old, Elle still looks as refreshingly breathtaking as when she first started, thanks to her healthy eating and exercise habits.

"I have a holistic attitude to health, it has to be a combination of physical, emotional and spiritual care. It’s about listening to your body." She says. "Sometimes I need to run, sometimes I need to meditate, sometimes I need to dance with my kids and sometimes I have to have a good meal."

Elle-Macpherson.jpgElle Macpherson’s diet consists of 100% organically grown foods. Organic foods usually contain 50% more minerals and vitamins compared to those mass-produced (GMO) foods. 

Elle eats two times a day, which means she eats a small breakfast of fruit, then grazes between lunch or dinner. To keep her blood sugar level at its normal range, she avoids consumption of processed carbohydrates like pasta in her diet. She drinks at least 8 glasses of pure clean water daily.

For Elle Macpherson’s exercise routine, she does Pilates, yoga, light weights, swimming, running and horseback riding.

“I try to put aside an hour a day, five days a week, to do some sort of physical exercise, whether it’s Pilates or running in the park. But with two young children I don’t always get that time,” Elle claims. "But I really try, I think exercise is very important."

Elle Macpherson’s exercise routine also includes 500 sit-ups and cycling for five miles every day. 

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