Best IVF Fertility Treatment is Healthy Weight Loss

July 7, 2010

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Dr. Richard Grazi, director of the reproductive infertility and endocrinology in New York states:” One of the best fertility treatments is healthy weight loss." This statement was prompted after a study about the best IVF fertility treatment to increase chances of getting and more importantly staying pregnant.

Doctors have known for a long time that overweight and obese women have a higher risk of miscarriage and/or suffer other complications after getting pregnant naturally. But this is the first time conclusive evidence has been brought to prove the link in between weight and miscarriage risks for women who chose ivf fertility treatments.

British doctors conducted a study on 318 women who chose ivf fertility treatments to get pregnant in between 2006 and 2009. The doctors divided the women in classes of normal, overweight and obese based on their BMI. And such women with a BMI of 18-24 were catalogued as normal, those with 25-30 were overweight and women with their BMI over 30 were obese.

After taking into consideration bad social habits or other risks such as smoking or drinking, researchers found out Obese women had a 11% higher risk of miscarriage. Normal weighing women had a 22% risk while obese women had a 33%. One in 3 obese women will not have a baby even after getting pregnant thru ivf (in vitro fertility).

When compared with women who were fit and got pregnant naturally, the study showed that obese women had a 3 to 4 times higher risk of miscarriage than the average normal risk.

These startling results prompted ivf fertility clinics to screen their patients. Now women who have a BMI of over 30 and are obese can’t benefit from fertility treatments in European clinics. In DR. Richard Grazi’s clinic, the limit is a BMI of 35 or over.

Doctors in all ivf fertility clinics consult patients and advise them to lose weight if they want to conceive. They stated that excluding women based on their BMI was done for health and practical reasons. Even though they get treatment obese women usually don’t stay pregnant. Also there is an increased chance for obese women to develop diabetes during pregnancy, statement made by Dr. Daghni Rajasingam.

In conclusion, the greater majority of doctors from fertility clinics agree that the Best ivf fertility treatment is healthy weight loss

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