It’s Never Too Late to Lose Weight and Better Your Health

July 7, 2010

Weight Loss Quotes

The older you get, the tougher it is to lose weight, because by then your body and your fat are really good friends.~Author unknown

Many older overweight people believe it is too late to lose weight. They have been fat for so long that losing weight seems like a distant dream. It seems so impossible to lose weight. Boloney. Losing weight at any age is almost identical. Get on a healthy diet and start exercising.

Now if you are really old or you have lots of health problems you won’t be able to use all the weight loss methods available to you. You will have to talk to your doctor to get good sound advice about what you can do and what you can’t do to lose weight.

For example if you can’t exercise too hard because your body can’t take the wear and tear, you still can go on short walks. Start losing weight by doing what you can and are allowed. As you get fitter and more healthy you can increase your weight loss efforts and reap multiplied health results.

Losing weight at any age is possible. It just might take a little longer to get the desired results. SO if anybody tell you can’t lose weight because you have been fat for too long, watch them in the eyes and tell them: “Watch me lose weight. You will eat your words soon.”

Determination is the key to weight loss. You can have the easiest weight loss system available to you, if you aren’t determined to lose weight you won’t lose weight. Lack of determination is what is preventing many people to lose weight.

The more time you spend being overweight, the more your determination will get slowly eroded. That is why people that have been fat for a long time find it hard to get the required weight loss motivation to finally lose weight. In this situations what usually happens is an external spark ignites the pools of desire that have been waiting for the appropriate moment to get you moving towards losing weight.

For example my friend Daisy decided to finally lose weight after being fat her whole life when her husband ran away with his skinny secretary. She was in her forties and mad as hell. For the first couple of months while going to the gym fire was coming out of her nostrils, that’s how intense her workout were. She followed he diet plan to the letter and she lost a lot of weight. After losing 43 pound Daisy looked smoking hot, better than the secretary. She is really happy with herself and never wants to be fat ever again.

Daisy even told her that something is still bothering her: Why did she stay fat for all that time? She can’t find the answer to that question. I told her to stop searching for the answer and enjoy her new hot body more.

If Daisy could lose weight after being fat for almost 20 years you can do it too. Don’t wait for an external factor of motivation like her, find your own internal motivation and start losing weight today. I wish you the best of luck.

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