Ali Landry’s Diet and Exercise: A Beauty Queen’s Secrets

November 23, 2010

Celebrity Weight Loss

Looking at actress, model and former Miss USA Ali Landy’s svelte figure today, you would’ve never known how she battled weight gain problems after giving birth to her daughter last 2007.

"Yes, I got frustrated. I wanted my pre-baby figure back." The 1990s Doritos spokes model shares. "Then I came upon the Chef’s Diet Home Delivery System, I’m thrilled, I’ve lost my post baby weight gain fast."

Ali Landry’s diet consists of food ordered from The Chef’s Diet Home Delivery System, an eating plan based on the famous Zone diet that makes daily menus which are broken down into 40% carbohydrates, 30% protein, and 30% fats. The meals are finely balanced to put the body "in the zone" by having the proper balance between sugar and insulin levels to cause weight loss. Ali swears by the effectiveness of the diet she has been on for several years now.

" It’s amazing, you don’t even feel like you’re on a diet." She says. " The food tastes really good, and the best part is that it’s a surprise every day!"

ali_landry.jpgA typical day of Ali Landry’s diet starts with Cinnamon-raisin French toast with bourbon maple syrup and a side of Creole scrambled eggs. For lunch, she takes in Tofu gazpacho soup with a side organic salad and consumes an oven baked chicken loaf with broiled tomato and red beans for dinner. She sticks to the diet plan by munching on her favorite Lobster ravioli with light saffron cream and blueberry sour cream muffins for snacks.

Ali credits her workout routine for helping her achieve her great shape fast. Ali Landry’s exercise mainly consists of the Bar method, a kind of exercise which combines Pilates, Yoga, and isometric exercises. She credits her regular physical activity for her stunning legs and tightened tush.

In addition, she has been doing an exercise regimen called The Firm Method, which gave her fast results and lessened the time she normally would’ve spent in the gym.

Before becoming pregnant, Ali used to do multiple exercises per week and jogged on the beachside during her free time. Now, with a family to take care of, Ali makes sure to be a Hot Mama and Great Mama at the same time.

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