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February 2, 2010

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A lot of people happen to notice that their workout routine isn’t producing the desired results, and after some time they get bored and give up. This happens either because, without realizing it, they make mistakes either because they already have a routine and they don’t feel motivated anymore to continue. Here’s a series of pointers to make your workout more efficient and the most common but least known mistakes:

Too much too soon

Because we want to quickly lose weight or to tone our muscles faster we take on new exercises too quickly or we do exercises which are too difficult for our current level.


Your workout should start with exercises for your level. Different exercises are recommended when your skill level increases.

Chasing unreal goals

Despite all the commercials that tell you that you can lose 33 pounds a month or you can get a Hollywood style abdomen after just 10 minutes of doing crunches these are impossible.


When you want to start a workout routine you should tell the instructor what your goals are and he will tell you if their realistic or not.


Workout routine

Once you find an exercise that you enjoy it’s easy to repeat it more and more. That’s because of getting a plateau in your training.


Include new exercises in your routine each week. This prevents you from falling into a rot and also prevents boredom, and you will enjoy your workout each time. Vary your workout routine.

Trying extreme measures

Magic pills and extreme diets, beside not working can also be very dangerous


The fitness instructor needs to make a very precise schedule for your strength training which needs to include: type, number of repeats, the number of sets and break length.

Picking the wrong exercises

One of the main reasons people stop working out is because they get bored or don’t enjoy their workout.


To remain motivated it’s important to get into physical activates that you like.

Improper technique in your strength training.

The perfect technique in strength training can be impossible because of the infinite number of ways in which you can do the motions.


Each exercise’s details need to be studied and well understood.

No stretching

Stretching isn’t a high priority for most people although it should be.


All workouts should include stretching exercises

Trying to reduce it all to a drop

A lot of people think that they can get a flat abdomen just by doing crunches or by shrinking other body parts. The truth is that you need to exercise your whole body to lose extra inches.


Each workout program intends to train your whole body

Working out too often

Don’t overdo it, it’s important to find the right balance between training and resting.


Your workout program need to take into consideration your rest requirements

Not warming up enough


Consult your instructor regarding the type and duration of your warm up

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