How to Transform Your Workout Routine into a Way of Life

February 2, 2010

Exercise & Fitness

You’ve heard it before: regularly practicing physical exercises stimulate the metabolism and tone musculature making it more flexible, reduces stress and help prevent some afflictions. There are some many advantages- why would you neglect working out? Yes, I know, you’re very busy and it’s getting harder for you to make time for yourself. But what do you do when you need to finalize an important project for the office? You make a plan! It’s what you should do for your fitness workout routine which will be like a second nature for you in no time.

Convince a friend to join you and workout together


If you’re working out with someone it’ll be harder to find excuses like “I don’t have time today”, or “I should do it in the weekend” etc. ideally you should pick a friend that’s more motivated than you so this way you will also be more motivated. Also you can have a competition rule: who works out better get’s a juice from the other one.

The word is: variety

Always try to add new routines, replacing the ones that bore you, but be careful that your workout is just as intense. Also it’s recommended that you consult a fitness instructor monthly who can give you a better explanation and will change you routine.

Frequent breaks… aren’t “the key to great success”

To transform your routine into a daily ritual and a way of life avoid taking two consecutive days off (at least in the beginning). Those who workout only two-three times a week have the highest risk of giving up.

The contingency plan

Since you’re conceiving a true “attack plan” it would be best if you act like a true general and have a back-up plan. Think of all the things that can make you take a break from exercising: vacations, week-eng getaways etc Just note your solution for each situation, if it’s impossible then don’t blame yourself just continue you workout schedule like nothing happened.

Ambitious but realistic objectives

It would be best to set short term objectives. It’s more probable you will succeed what you set your eyes on if you can see the results in a short period of time.

Watch your progress

If you keep a close eye on your workout and your progress you will manage to lose some extra pounds also you will get used to the workout routine much quicker.

Short and frequent workouts

If you feel pressed for time you should limit your workouts to 10-15 minutes but you should do them 2 times a day.

Reward yourself! You deserve it don’t you?

the only rule is don’t cheat: if you don’t lose more than 4 pounds this month there’s no point in treating yourself with a shopping sessions. Be true to yourself- you’re the only one that has to gain but also the one that has something to lose.

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