The Recommended Calorie Intake Based On Your Age

Lately there is an invasion of weight loss diets and solutions you can use to shed those extra pounds. As obesity is on the rise more and more people turn in their desperation to quick fixes that promise almost instant weight loss or at least overnight.

The truth is that there isn’t an universal diet that works for everybody. Every person is unique, with an unique body and soul. This makes it almost impossible for one diet to work to everybody and have fabulous result in all cases. What might work for somebody might be a humongous flop for another.

That is why it is highly recommended that before you start any weight loss diet you check with a weight loss specialist. Even if all your friends lost weight using a certain diet you should still talk to a nutritionist to make sure you won’t do more harm than good to your body.

You might have been guessing that the highest daily energetic consumption comes from physical activity. If you lots of hard manual label each day you can eat foods that contain lots of calories. But is you have a desk job eating calorie packed foods will make you fat. You have to estimate your recommended calorie intake based on how physically active you are during the day.


Your age is a very important factor in determining your recommended daily calorie intake. If your age is between 35 and 45 years old then you should know that your daily calories needs are lower with 3% than when you were 25 years old. Between the ages of 45 and 65 you need with 7.5% less calories daily than the number you needed when you were 25.

Your sex also influences the number of calories you should eat daily. It is a well known fact that men need much more calories daily than women that are the same age with them. I guess it is because men have bigger bodies with more muscles which need much more energy daily.

Here are some recommended calorie intakes based on the age, sex and weight of people:

  • -boys between 13-15 and weighing 104 pounds should consume 2600 calories daily;
  • -boys between 16-19 and weighing 126 pounds should consume 3070 calories daily;
  • -girls between 13-15 and weighing 100 pounds should consume 2500 calories daily;
  • -girls between 16-10 and weighing 109 pounds should consume 2300 calories daily;
  • -grown men that are somewhat physically active and weighing 130 pounds should consume 2900 calories daily;
  • -grown women that are somewhat physically active and weighing 110 pounds should consume 2200 calories daily;
  • -women who are pregnant in the last 5 months should eat with 350 calories more and women who are breastfeeding in the first 6 months should eat with 550 calories more.

A moderate physical activity makes you burn 18-20 calories daily for each pound you weigh. If you do light physical activity you burn only 15-17 calories daily for each pound of weight you have. Intense physical activities make you burn 20-23 calories daily per each pound you have.

If you really want to avoid getting fat you should get the habit of eating several small meals each day. Studies have shown that even if you eat the same amount of calories it counts very much in how many meals you consume those calories. If you eat only once or twice a day you will starve your body. If you starve your body it will try to maximize any energetic resource it gets and you will get fatter even if you don’t want to. So eat 4-5 smaller meals per day and you will be safe and lose how much weight you wish. You can even lose 30 pounds or more.

When structuring your daily calorie intake by creating your meals take into consideration at which times during the day do you need more energy and resources. If you work harder during the morning eat a healthy big breakfast. If you work harder in the afternoon eat a good lunch so you will have all the necessary energy.

The recommended calorie intake varies from person to person depending on their lifestyle and goals. If you are more of a couch potato and you want to lose weight then I suggest you eat less and start exercising more.

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