The Acute Gastritis Diet: what to eat to alleviate your gastritis

September 3, 2009

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Gastritis can be acute or chronic. This diet is intended to help those suffering from acute gastritis. The basic idea behind the acute gastritis diet is to limit the types of foods you eat so you give your stomach a chance to repair itself.

It is recommended you eat lots of vegetable soups with just a touch of rice in them, cottage cheese or any other fresh cheese, pastas with water or milk, baked apples, beef soup and stews.

If you suffer from gastritis you must eat slowly and after the meal you should lie in a bed with a hot compress on your stomach. You have to follow this kind of an acute gastric diet for 8 to 10 days after which you can slowly start eating what you usually eat. But you still must avoid eating irritant foods that are hard to digest. Once you get gastritis you have to be careful what you eat your whole life if you don’t want to make your gastritis worse. A change in your eating habits must take place.

If you suffer from acute gastritis you should avoid eating the following foods:
-fatty or game meat, fatty cold cuts and bacon
-canned food that isn’t also dietetic
-hard vegetables full of cellulose like onions, cucumbers, celery, radishes, lint, beans or peas
-any fried food
-sweets like bonbons, cakes, pastries and jam
-spices like hot peppers, pepper, garlic, mustard
-coffee, stronger teas, alcoholic beverages


The rest of the foods that you can eat should be cooked as light as possible. You should also have and respect a meal schedule. The foods you can eat include:
-meat soups
-you can eat beef, chicken or turkey meat if it is boiled
-low fat fish that is boiled or fired/baked in just a little oil
-you should eat eggs only if they are an ingredient of a food.
-regular milk is hard to digest when you suffer from gastritis so you should stick to other dairies like yogurt or cottage cheese
-young vegetables that are boiled good can be used to create all sorts of meals
-you have to avoid eating fresh fruits. You can eat stewed fruits, fruit juices or baked apples. Some fruits can be eaten fresh if they are really ripe: apricots, plums, peaches, raspberries
-homemade apple or cheese pies and biscuits can be consumed in small quantities, but generally all desserts should be avoided.

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