The perfect abdomen myths and truths: ab workout and diet

The figure of a person is underlined by their waist. That is why the reduction of the fat deposits from the abdominal zone and the strengthening of the ab muscles are the most recurring wants that people have. Everybody wants to have a slender waist line.

The first step that we can take towards the perfect abdomen is the realization that we must rid ourselves of the fat that is covering the abdominal muscles. It doesn’t matter how many exercises you do, how many abdominal machines you use. If you don’t succeed in reducing the abdominal fat deposits then you will never get the look and feel of a six pack ab.

Also losing weight doesn’t guarantee you will gain a six pack as a result. For that you need to workout and strengthen your abdominal muscles. Even if you count yourself thru the few lucky ones blessed by Mother Nature with a natural flat belly, it is still good to workout your abdominal muscles for a more fabulous look.


”I do ab crunches every day and still the belly looks awful!” One of the most probable causes of this situation is the candy rich, fast food diet that you are on. Physical exercises help but can’t make the surplus fat disappear in a miraculous way. You have to stop eating foods that enlarge the fat deposits from the waist line.

Here are some steps to follow to strengthen and accentuate your abdomen. You have to include them in an ongoing fitness program that includes:

Strengthening exercises:

  • -Start with exercises that are dedicated for your lower ab. Bringing the knees to the chest while laying down on your back, bicycling, raising your basin while on your back with your legs perpendicular on the floor.
  • -Breath out on the contraction and breath in on the relaxing of the muscles.
  • -When doing ab crunches with your hands behind your back don’t pull your head using the hands. Use your abdominal muscles to raise your upper body. Keep your chin up. Imagine you are holding an apple between your chin and chest.
  • -Keep your back straight on the floor. Arching your back might cause you back pain. You can place your hands under your lower back for a more comfortable position for your back. Most of the abdominal exercises use your lower back so you should strengthen your lower back also.
  • -3 to 4 sessions of abdominal exercises per week should be enough. Make as many repetitions for every exercise. You can use the following trick: maintain the abdominal muscle contraction for 5 to 10 seconds for a more efficient strengthening.
  • -The abdominal exercises should be completed by general body strengthening exercises. That way you will achieve a general sexy look.
  • -A workout program for the abs should include exercises for your lover ab muscles, the upper ab muscles, your side ab muscles and your lower back.

The perfect ab diet:

  • -Reduce the intake of fats and cholesterol from foods.
  • -Use an olive oil and a few fat as possible in your cooking.
  • -Don’t eat butter if possible
  • -Don’t eat fried foods and fast food
  • -Eat more proteins
  • -Eat salads, fresh fruits and vegetables
  • -After 18:00 eat less carbohydrates like the ones taken from potatoes, rice, pasta and bread
  • -Don’t use fat or creamy sauces in your cooking
  • Eat 6 light meals every day instead of 2-3 big meals.
  • -Don’t skip breakfast
  • -Give yourself one day a week without any food restrictions.

Cardio-vascular exercises:

  • -You should workout for 40 minutes 4 times a week doing aerobic exercises like jogging, running on the tread mill, stepper, rower etc.
  • -It is good to do these exercises before the breakfast or in between the meals.
  • -After a couple of sessions of cardio-vascular workout you can increase the intensity and the length of the workout.


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