Holyday fitness for your health

April 6, 2009

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The big holyday feasts, the quiet time and the restful mini-vacation make you sleepy and not in the mood for sports. But a walk is just what you body needs. It boosts you energy and makes your digestion more efficient

Saturday is the day dedicated to domestic fitness: vacuuming, wiping the dust, changing the sheets, cooking … But even these activities can be joined with some stretching that gives you more mobility. You can use some cleaning appliances like the brooms or the mops tail for stretching your arms and correcting your posture.

Fresh air can’t be surpassed so on Sundays and Mondays you should get out of the house. And not just to travel to the next juicy meal but for physical exercise and fitness. Now you don’t have to do pushups or to run 10 miles to burn the extra calories. You can walk around or play some light social games in the middle of nature. That is a sure way to relax and get energized.


After a hefty meal a state of sleepiness and inertia overwhelms us, a clear sign that our body is struggling to digest the too much food that we have eaten. To help you body out take a short walk after the meal. 10-15 minutes of walking and breathing fresh air will make miracles happen. A stroll will help you digest all that food and oxygenate you body. After that you will feel more light and refreshed.

You can prolong the walk in the afternoon or at night, spending a couple of hours in fresh air and switching the walking style to keep thing interesting and fresh. If you start to feel tired you can combine the walking with sitting on a bench and telling jokes or stories. All the walking is much more enjoyable if it’s done in social way, as a means to talk with someone and exercise at the same time. If you are in a bigger group you can play badminton, ping-pong, volleyball… All these sports are light, don’t solicit your muscles too much, relax you and put you in a good humor.

If you already have a workout schedule try to keep it by bending it to the holyday activity schedule. Respect the hour of digestion, a minimum of two to three hours, don’t train in the evening because you will have a troubled sleep, drink lots of liquids to keep a good body hydration.

The only sport I don’t recommend is all day long TV watching, surfing the web or sleeping after a rich meal. If you just eat and sleep a lot you will feel more tired and the holiday free time will not have helped you get energized and refreshed.

Either way you should spend at least a couple of minutes every day enjoying fresh air and the beauty of Mother Nature. Happy holydays!

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