The Hot Body VS A Fortune Poll

Many people say that they want to lose weight no matter what. Their desire is burning and their drive seems to be high. But what is the truth?

So I have created this simple poll that pitches one against the other two basic human desires: looking good and money. Which one will prevail? Who knows. I am very excited and can’t wait for the results.

To help make the poll as good a possible, ask yourself: “If I had to choose between a hot body and a fortune, what would I choose?” and answer as honestly as possible. Express you answer in the poll below and then check out what others have said.

If you can please share this poll with as many people as possible. The more responses the better and we all can get a better glimpse at what truly drives us.

If you want to express why you made the choice you’ve made, you can do it in the comments below. You can also comment on the results of the poll, such as they are at the time you submitted your answer.

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