Study Reveals That Quick Weight Loss Beats Slow Weight Loss

May 12, 2010

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According to a new study done by Lisa Nackers and her colleagues at the University of Florida seems to prove that quick weight loss is in fact more efficient that slow weight loss. This is great news considering that almost all the doctors and weight loss coaches recommend losing weight slow.

We have all heard the advice: lose just a little wait each and every month and eventually you will reach your desired weight. Unfortunately we are more likely to go crazy dieting and exercising before reaching out desired weight. Everybody wants fast results to keep their motivation high.

The researchers analyzed the weight loss process and weight maintenance of 262 middle-aged women who were overweight. All of them were put on a low calorie diet and told to exercise more. The researchers also split the women into 3 groups: the quick weight loss group, the moderate weight loss group and the slow weight loss group.

The women form the fast weight loss group were helped to lose more than 1.5 pounds each week. The women from the moderate weight loss group had to lose 0.5 to 1.5 pounds each week and those form the slow weight loss group had to lose less than 0.5 pounds.

After the weight loss phase was over the women received further weight loss support in the form of group sessions twice a month. One year later after the women lost the weight the scientist measured the women again to see how well they succeed to maintain their new figure.

The researchers were amazed to discover that the women that lost weight faster had actually a higher chance of maintaining their weight. It seems that the more weight you are able to shed in a short period of time the more likely you are to never get fat again.

But you have to know that the women who participated in study didn’t only lose weight fast or slow. They also got all the help needed to change their lifestyle and live a healthier life. Here is a revealing paragraph published in the International Journal of Behavioral Medicine by the authors of the study: "Our study provides further evidence that, within the context of lifestyle treatment, losing weight at a fast initial rate leads to greater short-term weight reductions, does not result in increased susceptibility to weight regain, and is associated with larger weight losses and overall long-term success in weight management,"

According to the researchers it is best to start with the big lifestyle changes that will give you the biggest results in a short period of time. As you change your lifestyle more drastically at a fast pace you are able to lose weight quickly and keep it off.

Successful weight loss according to clinical standards is losing at least 10% of you weight and keeping that weight off for at least 1 year. According to this new study it’s easier to ensure your weight loss success by losing weight quickly as long as you also make the appropriate lifestyle changes.

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