Sarah Jessica Parker’s Diet and Exercise Routine: Stay Active

January 7, 2011

Celebrity Weight Loss

She’s everyone’s favorite TV sex columnist. Thanks to Sex and The City and it’s incredible success, Sarah Jessica Parker’s popularity shot through the stratosphere.  Her role as Carrie Bradshaw won her four Golden Globe Awards, three Screen Actors Guild Awards, two Emmy Awards and the affection and envy of men and women all around the globe. Here, she dishes on her secrets to achieving that oh-so-sexy physique. 

"I love to eat! I don’t follow a super strict eating plan, but I eat in moderation." She says. "And I try to sneak in exercise in whatever I do. I walk and take the stairs all the time."

sarah-jessica-parker.jpgSarah Jessica Parker’s diet consists of the Hamptons diet, developed by Dr. Pescatore and concentrates on altering the lifestyle of the person in order that they may live “rich, indulgent and thin”.

This kind of diet plan takes the basic elements of Mediterranean Diet and low-carb diet which instructs dieters to consume only organically grown foods.

Although Sarah Jessica Parker’s diet encourages her to eat organic foods, at times, she is given the chance to eat minimally processed meals. Artificial foods and carbonated beverages, however, are not allowed.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s exercise routine includes running, Pilates, and performing yoga.

Since residing in New York City for several years now, she is making walking her everyday exercise.

"I make chores an exercise. Like walking the dogs, or using the bicycle when running errands." She says. "You get to hit two birds with one stone."

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