Lady Fitness Tips: simple gym workout tips for women

September 16, 2009

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If you are a woman you probably don’t want to be more buffed than your boyfriend. Most women have the misconception that by working out in a gym they will lose their femininity and sexiness. This is far from being true. As you like a good looking manly body with well toned muscles so do men like a well build sexy woman with beautifully toned muscles. The secret is to not overdo it and increase your muscle mass and lose your femininity because of it. That is when the lady fitness come in and help you make the right decisions when working out.

When you go to the gym your purpose is that of toning your muscles, sculpting your body. You should not aim for increasing your muscles mass too much by building more muscle fibers. To do this you have to do more aerobic exercises.


The good news is that you can turn any anaerobic exercise you can do at the workout machines found in the gym into an anaerobic exercise. The secret is to use small weights and never strain your muscles too much. You have to work your muscles without ripping the muscle fibers. If you lift heavy weights the muscle fibers get ripped and when your muscles get repaired they usually increase the number of muscle fibers that you have.

The lady fitness style of workout is all about increasing your endurance not your ability to lift heavy weights. After all that is the job of your manly man. Make sure you include lots of foods that contain proteins in your daily menu. Your muscles need proteins to repair themselves. Even if your workout has a pretty low intensity your muscles will still need to repair themselves to give them proteins. But don’t take any protein powders or consume any other industrial produces protein foods.

By playing around with the amount o proteins you give your body you can sculpt it and give it a pleasant shape. If you need to gain a little weight and fill out you should do it with muscles not fat. If that is the case you should consume more protein rich foods. If you are already looking stunning you should cut down on your protein intake to avoid gaining to much muscles mass which will take away from your allure.


If you are trying to lose weight you should start every workout session with some light anaerobic exercises and then do 45 minutes of nonstop aerobic exercises. A good lady workout plan will start off with some stretching, doing some light exercises using the exercise machines found in the gym and then using the motorized treadmill or the stationary bicycle to work out for 45 to 60 minutes. When you do the aerobic part of the workout plan you should do it at a fairly intense level to burn the fats away. By doing the anaerobic exercises first you burn all the sugars form your body and your body is forced to burn its fat reserves during the aerobic workout.

Even if you are a woman, if you want to lose weight and get a stunning sexy body you have to work out frequently. Just dieting won’t cut it. You have to exercise for at least 2-3 times each week for at least 1 hour each time.

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