How to start jogging for a better health

April 15, 2009

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The near park makes you think of jogging and you have contemplated the idea many times over. But what would you have to do to start jogging and achieve a better health. How to make sure that you don’t quit on jogging in three days.

Jogging is a wonderful aerobic exercise. Jogging helps you lose weight, will train your heart and will give you a good spiritual state. But, as love, you must choose the workout that suits you better. Jogging is for persons that like to spend time alone, motivated enough not to quit the first day laziness whispers in their ear “stay in bed and rest”. Jogging is for someone that doesn’t like sticking to a strict schedule, that doesn’t need a personal trainer. And above all, jogging is for someone that hasn’t any joints problems.


If you are serious about starting jogging you need a good pair of shoes. Ideally you should go to a sports shoes store and speak to a specialist that will measure your feet, will ask on what terrain you intend to run and for how long, will analyze the shape of your foot and will advise you what pair of shoes is best for you. The chances of meeting such a knowledgeable sales person are slim. At least make sure you buy a pair of running shoes and not walking shoes.

Shoes are the most important component of your running equipment. All you need apart from running shoes are a t-shirt and a pair of sports pants/

If you imagine you can just get dressed for jogging and go out and start running for half an hour you are wrong. Jogging isn’t as easy as it might seem at a first glance. For start probably you will walk more than you will run, the important thing is not to stop. Alternate 5 minutes of walking with 5 minutes of rapid walking or 3 minutes of running or 7 minutes if your stamina permits it. Also you should warm up before starting jogging.

In time, as your stamina increases, you can try jogging up a hill or up some steps if you have them in your area.

The people that run frequently say that this physical activity is like a drug. It gives dependence and you will get out of the bed with a jolt of happiness, at 6 am in the morning and put on your running shoes. Your old faithful and always there running shoes will help you clear and lose weight. Just some of the benefits of starting jogging for a better health.

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