How I have started bicycling and it’s great

April 15, 2009

Exercise & Fitness

By Elizabeth

You want to lose weight and be fit. If you hate the closed gyms like me you might find an excellent alternative in bicycling.

I have bought my bicycle when a button popped off from my last pair of shoes that still fitted me. I was too fat for those huge shoes. It is impossible for me to keep a diet. When I am hungry I can’t think at nothing else. Instead of torturing me I prefer to workout, physical activity and I like it. On the other hand I can’t stand gyms, I have the feeling of eyes staring at me, waiting for me to get off the fitness machines. They watch me sweating and panting. Because I have a desk job I don’t have too many chances to workout and to enjoy fresh air. I tried jogging but I didn’t last more than 10 minutes and my feet hurt like hell and the boredom was great.

I have read somewhere on the web an interesting fact. It seems that if you ride a bicycle for 20 miles every week the risk of coronary diseases is reduced by 50%. My father has heart problems and I am afraid of such diseases. The phrase caught my eye instantly. Besides bicycling is a logic choice: bicycling is an aerobic exercise and the beneficial effects of such a sport are known, especially for weight loss. Bicycling reduces stress and increases your metabolism… all the good that aerobic exercises bring. And it’s easy to practice.


I haven’t ridden a bicycle from my childhood and I live pretty close to the center of my city. The traffic is infernal and the air isn’t that clean during the day. The side streets give the chance and a cleaner air to ride my bicycle. So 3 times a week I wake up in the morning at 6:30 am and for 30 to 45 minutes I ride my bicycle. I love it! I have even formed a habit and I follow the same path every time. I buy on my way a newspaper, get back to my home, I take a shower and after that I spend 20 minutes reading the newspaper. After that I go to work with a light feeling and unbelievable joy. In the first two day I had some muscle soreness form the physical activity but it passed quickly. And the best part is that I can already see the results, a sexier butt and thighs. Another effect that I enjoy, besides the good humor, are the restful night sleeps that I enjoy, even though I sleep less.

I wish I had a hill near me. Climbing the hill with my bicycle would work my muscles even more. But who knows, maybe I will take my bicycle with me on my vacation in the mountains

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