How to Look Thinner by Dressing Correctly

March 17, 2010

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It is important to know how to pick the clothes that favor you. How many times have you happened to see a beautiful dress or a pair of jeans on a mannequin and after you tried them on your interest for them disappears? It is no use to sulk about the fact they did not fit! Nor do you have to think that you are too fat or too thin. That was just an inappropriate choice for you. Learn a few tricks that can help you make the most appropriate clothing choices to look thinner.

Dress in the same color from head to toes to look thinner!

One of the most effective ways to create an optical illusion that you are thin is to wear clothes that have the same colors or very close shades. This will create an immediate effect of height and a slender silhouette.

Dark colors will benefit you and make you look thinner!

When you wear dark colored clothes you will notice you look suppler, compared to the days you wear bright shiny colors. Yes, indeed colors create the illusion of volume. And if you want to look thin, volume is the last thing you need. You can check if you are not convinced yet. When you are dressed in bright colors, close your eyes and take a glance at the image that is reflected in the mirror. What body part look deformed and bulky?

Choose clothing with a vertical cut/pattern!

Another way to create the illusion of being thin is to wear clothes with a vertical cut/pattern. Unconsciously, the view will follow these guidelines and will have the impression of height. Buttons, decorative makes, grooves, seams; they all can reinforce the impression of a slender body.

Balance and proportion are key to looking thinner

Thinking about it, balance and proportions are another way to maintain a certain harmony between body parts. If you legs are too short, normally you do not want to wear something that will make you look shorter. To find the right solution you need to give the illusion of longer legs.

Avoid very flared or very tight clothes!

If you are struggling with a few extra pounds over ideal body weight do not wear clothes that are too tight or too flared as these may add several pounds.

Avoid shiny materials!

If you have a choice between a green bright skirt and an identical one (model), but from a mat material, it would be appropriate to wear the latter. You will look thinner!

Wear your jacket or your vest undone! That will make you look thinner

It is important that you choose to wear something over a sweater: a jacket, a vest or a jersey can be an opportunity to create the impression of thinness. A jacket that does not add excess volume and fits you can hide what you want to hide. Trick: Try to wear the jacket undone.

Focus on accessories

Even if you do not like them that much, you should know that accessories can be an efficient solution to create the desired optical illusion in many cases. And that is only because they can distract the attention and direct it to the parts of the body that you are proud of.

All these optical illusions and tricks are great but if you really want to look great regardless of what you wear you have to lose weight fast. Choosing the right clothes can do only that much for you, but if you want to look good naked you will have to get on a healthy weight loss diet and start exercise.

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