Get Good Eating Habits and Set Good Weight Loss Goals

January 29, 2010

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Now that you understand the importance of a healthy diet and sport, you must discover the reasons that made you gain weight. Many people know how to lose weight, but the time that comes after that is the issue. The choices they make and numerous internal and external factors influence the habit of eating. This week you will learn how to modify your unwanted and destructive eating habits and recognize you have nutrition problems. You will learn how to keep a diary in which you write each product you consumed; this will help enormously in holding you grounded and avoid excesses.

Monitor your food intake using a diary

Why is a food diary necessary?
• Studies have shown that a food daily diary is the most important step in the battle against extra pounds, because the monitoring of these foods will make you become more attentive to the products you eat every day;
• It helps you control the situations you are vulnerable in (loneliness, boredom, stress) and not fall in lust of excesses
• It helps you realize what you ate, that means that before you wrote it down on the paper you probably did not even realize you just unconsciously ate in a bag of cookies while lying in front of the TV. Well, just writhing these products down can make to stop the excesses of food;
• You can correctly assess the nutritional value of diet you follow. Analyzing the menu used in a given day you will realize what is missing so that it is a balanced diet in terms of nutrition;
• You will be more orderly and careful in the food choices you make;
• You can make the difference between hunger, emotion or desire.

After you determined which are the problems you face, you have to find the right solutions to dispose or to prevent it from repeating. This is where goal you set during the diet comes in play. So, many people focus only on the idea of losing pounds, but it is necessary to make a few changes in diet and daily activities to get a lasting effect.

Easiest goal to achieve: 30 minutes walk, five days a week!

Strategies to change your eating habits

These are just some suggestions, but you and only you can establish what works best in your case: While you eat try to avoid TV, phone, books and newspapers;
• Focus on the pleasure of eating the product – the way it looks, smells and feels. Do not eat unconscious and mechanically;
• Choose a room in which to enjoy the meal, it’s important to sit at the table and not to walk or stand on your feet whilst eating;
• Take 20 minutes for eating, you have to allow the brain to transmit your stomach the feeling of fullness;
• Do not always clean the plate up! It is ok if you leave some leftovers on the plate if you feel full. Or you can leave them as a little snack for later;
• If you can not stop at one piece of a certain food, it is better to avoid buying it!
• Do not start shopping when you feel hungry. Always write a list of what you has to be bought and do not deviate from it;
• Buy products that require preparation;
• Take advantage of any spare time to do exercise, such as climbing stairs, parking the car away from home or the shopping place.

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