How to Lose Weight in 8 weeks: a simple 8 weeks weight loss plan

January 27, 2010

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It is important to know if you really have a problem with weight and what should be the ideal weight for you. And last but not least, you must decide if it is high time for a weight-loss diet that will help you feel good about yourself. Increasingly more statistics show that people, who keep weight-loss diet, gain back the pounds in a very short time after its termination. This weight loss program will help you lose weight effectively and irretrievably.

Week 1 – Basic Weight Loss Information That Will Help You Lose Weight Fast. This week’s topics should be focused on:
• The causes of obesity; :
• The risks of obesity; :
• BMI (body mass index) and ideal weight; :
• Requirements for a weight loss with lasting impact. :

Activity for this week
• Find out if you’re ready to lose weight; :

Week 2 – How to Maintain a Healthy Diet: Make your own diet. The topics of discussion will focus on:
• Basic nutrients;
• Components of a healthy and balanced diet.

Activity for this week
• Meet your calorie needs;

Week 3 – Increase Your Basic Metabolic Rate by Exercising. Topics of discussion will focus on:
• Factors that affect your metabolism;
• Aerobic activity versus non-aerobic activity;
• How can sport to lose weight?

Week 4 – Get Good Eating Habits and Set Good Weight Loss Goals. Topics will focus on:
• Monitoring products using a food diary;
• Set goals to change the way you eat;
• Strategies for changing the way you eat.

Activity for this week
• Keep a journal of the foods you eat;
• Set goals for a short period, and goals for longer periods.

Week 5 – Compulsive Overeating: how to stop overeating. Topics will focus on:
• What does the brain do to lose weight?
• Food cravings, excesses, stress and emotions;
• Effective ways to get rid of stress and to obtain emotional comfort;
• Change your unhealthy eating habits.

Activity for this week
• Learn to choose what is healthy for the body and for your mood.

Week 6 – How to Choose an Effective Weight Loss Diet Program. Topics are focused on:
• Diet mania and the drawbacks of popular diets;
• Group weight loss programs;
• How to evaluate your diet plan?

Week 7 – Eat Healthy Foods at Home and While Out in Town. Topics will focus on:
• Buy healthy food;
• Carefully read the ingredient list;
• How to eat in the town?

Week 8 – Lose Weight and Keep it Off Forever. Topics are focused on:
• Maintaining the obtained figure;
• Effective strategies for maintaining it;
• Find the source that motivates you.

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