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August 4, 2009

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Do you spend 9 hours at the office working? You don’t have any time for yourself. You want to be in shape and stay in shape but the weekly fitness session isn’t enough. You should learn some simple relaxation exercises that also help your body stay in shape.

Think a little more about yourself and take a couple of minutes to relax yourself. You can do this without annoying your coworkers or boss. Relax and eliminate the stress form your life. Do some light exercises in your lunch break. You will see that the back pain will vanish by miracle, your mood will change and you will be much more efficient at work.

Before you try any of the following office exercises do a light warm-up.

Since you are at the office the simples thing you can do is to always take the stairs. Forget there is an elevator. Also if you can avoid emailing your friends form work. If you have to deliver a message walk to them.


While you are at your desk make sure you keep you back straightened and glued to the back of your chair. If you have a bad chair make an investment in your health and buy a new one.

While in your chair keep your feel on the floor and raise one and straighten your keen so that your foot is fully extended in front of you. Keep it elevated for 3 seconds. Do this 10 times with each leg. This simple exercise will resolve the circulation problems your legs might feel during the day.

Don’t sit all day long in your assigned chair. Get out of your chair and walk around the room. Put your hands on your hips and bend backwards until you feel you have straightened your back. Do this exercise a couple of times daily while at work.

Press your back on a straight surface like a wall. Lift your arms up and bend them at a 90 degree from your elbow. Keep this position for 3 seconds. Do this simple exerciser 10 times. It is good for your chest, shoulder and back muscles.

Sit on a chair and rotate your shoulders. If you want to relax your neck muscles all you have to do is lift your shoulders up and keep them there for 3 seconds. Then let them fall down. 10 repetitions are enough.

Sit with the face toward a wall and lift your hands up reaching for the sky. Keep that position for 3 seconds and do 10 repetitions. This is the best way I have found to get rid of shoulder pains.

Stay near a wall with your back and shoulders touching it. Lift one arm up and make it touch the wall. Extend the other arm in front of you so that there is a 90 degree angle between your two arms. Keep this position for 3 seconds and do 10 repetitions. You can alternate the arms. This exercise relaxes your shoulders and arms.

If you hands get num bend your thumbs toward your palm and squeeze your fists (your thumbs are inside the fists). Then open wide up your palm and wiggle your fingers a little.

It is recommended you move and exercise a little between 12pm and 2pm when your body gets tired. You will get energized fast if you do this simple office exercises.

Don’t forget to drink water. Drink as much water and fresh fruit juice as you want during the day. If you want to be in top shape you have to eliminate stress from your life. Smile as much as you can and make others smile. Telling jokes is a great way to bring a smile on your face and on the face of others. Smiling relaxes your facial muscles and your face will brighten up. Smiling is an exercise too, a pleasant one.

Don’t let the daily problems overwhelm you. Do every thins at the right moment and don’t try to guess too much what could go wrong. Before starting to work close your eyes, breathe in deeply then open your eyes wide open while you exhale. Do this 5 times and then go to work.

What exercises do you do at work to keep the stress away. Write them in the comments below.

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