Alleviate or Cure Back Pain Using Yoga

June 13, 2009

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Everybody that has done yoga exercises has felt the health benefits they bring. Yoga means union, a union of your mind body and spirit. If you have preconceived ideas about yoga put them aside and give it a try. Do some yoga exercises and you might become a believer. Yoga exercises are simple to do and benefit your mind and body. Your muscles and joints get reenergized, your blood flow gets improved and the effects on your nervous system are fabulous.

Get rid of stress and relax yourself doing yoga exercises. Muscle stretching and meditation bring equilibrium in your life. Your health gets improved and your body escapes the daily tension. By doing yoga exercises you get rid of the rigidity that gets installed all over your body.

With every day that passes without doing any kind of physical activity your body becomes more and more stiff and rigid. If you aren’t a very active you will have to suffer the consequences. If you are a couch potato or if you have a bad body posture at your desk or while walking you will get back pains sooner or later. You will also develop joint pains by keeping your body in wrong un-natural body postures.


Before doing any yoga exercises you must make sure you will enjoy all the possible comfort. You need space to move around without bumping against any furniture. Also make sure that nobody will disturb you while practicing yoga. Turn off the telephone, tv, computer. If you have a pet, like a dog or cat, take it to another room. Eliminate all sources of distraction from around you.

You have to achieve a light trance like state while doing the yoga exercises. Focus your mind and meditate to achieve inner peace. You don’t do yoga exercises after a meal when your stomach is full. If you have a yoga mat use it. If you don’t you can use any rug or beach towel available. If you get serious about practicing yoga you should buy a yoga mat.

It doesn’t really matter where you do the yoga exercises as long as you are comfortable. Yoga will bring you inner peace and improve your health. Yoga is especially good for alleviating and even curing back pains or joint pains. Buy a home yoga DVD and give it a try. If you have a friend that practices yoga, ask him to teach you a basic yoga exercise routine. Have fun and stay healthy.

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