7 reasons to have an active lifestyle

May 15, 2009

Health & Motivation

1) Your digestive system will be lazy if you are lazy: An active lifestyle is essential for a healthy digestive system.

2) An active lifestyle keeps your weight constant: Physical exercises will help you stabilize you weight getting rid of weight fluctuations. Just don’t reward yourself for all the workout with sweets. Eat a fruit of low fat yogurt.

3) An active lifestyle increases your physical endurance: When you are physically active all the time your endurance gets increased as time passes. If at first you panted all day long after some time you won’t break a sweat. In time your pulmonary capacity gets increased and you will be capable of even harder sustained physical effort.

4) An improved blood flow: Physical activity improves the blood flow and your heart gets its share of exercise. Your veins and arteries also get more flexible. Consult your medic if you know you have heart problems before starting any intense workout program.


5) Increased joint flexibility: Walking, bicycling and swimming help keep your joints flexible. Water activities are great for increasing joint flexibility. Swimming is especially healthy and a good way to lose weight also

6)It improves your frame of mind: Besides eating junk food, stress is a major problem of our modern times. Stress influences your digestive system in a negative way. If you want to eliminate a big chunk of stress form you life be active. When you are on the move your mind gets disconnected from the daily worries. Just one hour of rollerblading can create miracles for you. Get a positive attitude and view of life.

7)You will meet other active people: If you are active other active people will be drawn to you. Soon you will make new friends and your life will be well on the path of healthy change. You will have more fun and enjoy life more.

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