Keeping your weight under control

May 18, 2009

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Keeping your weight under control is a constant battle. You always have to watch the needle of the scale. You have to make sure that fat doesn’t sneak on you a little at a time. In no time you will find yourself looking extremely fat. And you’ll be thinking when the heck did it happen. When did you get fat.

Well you got fat a little at a time, over a long period of time. It was such a slight increase of weight every week or month that you thought it didn’t matter. Pretty soon you have to change your clothes. Then usually an alarm bell goes up but most surpass it without giving it the attention it deserves. Many believe that it’s not a biggie. It’s just a one size increase in clothes. It isn’t the end of the world. But I am here to tell you that it is the end of the world. Well at least the world as you know it.


All the concessions and the lack of self imposed rules are the road to fatness and obesity. Your mind will become more tolerating to gaining weight. Your body will stop fighting the avalanche of fat. Your metabolism will slow down. And you will get fat. All this because you didn’t keep a focused mind. Set for yourself a goal, the perfect weight that you would want to achieve and maintain. Then do everything in your power to achieve your goal. Maintain the new sexy body that you have worked so hard for. Maintenance is much easier than weight loss. So once you get slim stay slim.

Avoid going on a weight roller-coaster ride, losing weight and gaining weight. You will never achieve inner peace related to your body if you cannot maintain a constant look and weight. In my opinion you should get the best look that you can and keep it forever. That way your confidence will have a boost all the time. Also you will be surprised by the increasing number of opportunities that will come your way. Your whole life will be changed for the better if you do it right.

Setting rules is really useful but setting so many rules that you are literally drowning in a sea of rules is bad. It is better to have no rules than to many rules in my opinion. But the best way is to have a few good rules that act as guidelines for you. For example one of my rules is the following: “It doesn’t matter how much I weigh as long as I look sexy”. You see what others consider ideal weight cannot be achieved by the majority because there are thousands of body types. My goal is to look good and sexy not having a certain weight. I have calculated my ideal weight and I would look like a starved refugee if I achieved it. Plus I would have to lose around 20% of my muscle mass to do so because the bigger part of my weight (80%) comes from my muscles. The rest is made up by bones and a little fatty tissue.

If you break one of the few rules you have set up for yourself do not be too harsh on yourself. I know people who go on a diet, break it, then because they slipped once stop dieting. It is just one mistake. If you do one little mistake at work the boss doesn’t fire you. So why would you fire yourself. Keep on dieting, continue to work out and do whatever is in your power to make sure it never happens again. Take immediate action after you realized your mistake to compensate and get back on track to losing weight.

All you have to do is feel passion and dedication to living a healthier life enjoying a smoking hot body. A lot of your present problems will become a thing of the past once you lose weight. That doesn’t mean new problems won’t take their place but they would be much pleasant problems to deal with.

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