Wellness is a lifestyle

March 16, 2009

Health & Motivation

Wellness is the opportunity to get fit and stay fit for a long period of time. It’s about long tern good health, feeling good and looking stunning. It’s more than the absence of diseases and physical ailments. Wellness is vitality, health, endurance, a positive attitude towards life, energy, beauty, joie de vivre and the slowing of the aging process. Imagine being young and active longer than your ancestors ever could think of possible. It’s about feeling great without taking any pills.

More and more people want to live longer healthy lives. And this is reflected in the current trends in spending. You shouldn’t miss the train. Hop on it now. Latter will be too late for the full benefits to take effect in your life. Of course latter is better than never but now is the perfect time. You don’t want to be an example for the anything but not that list.


The wellness way of life is manifested in all aspects of life. From nutrition, beauty care, to health, to work, to relaxation. Everyone indifferent of age or occupation wants to feel good and enjoy life. More and more people turn to nature for answers for achieving perfect health, psychic equilibrium and life energy. The consumption of natural and ecological food and drinks has risen like a tsunami n the past years. Also more and more people are taking better care of their bodies using fitness, massages, reflexotherapy, acupuncture, plant based cosmetics and much more…

Wellness is a fabulous way of countering the aggressions our bodies and minds are subjected every day in our modern stressful lives. The long term effect of pollution, stress and bad eating habits lead to a lowering of our natural defenses by lowering immunity, obesity, psychic diseases and lack of vitality. You have to acquire a new lifestyle if you recognize yourself in the previous statement. You have the choice and chance to go on the offensive. You are responsible for what you choose to eat, drink, if you exercise or not, if you detox your body. You have to help your body to regenerate itself.

If you are thinking that you don’t have the money or the time think of it this way. You will loose more money and time on the long run if you are not in the best physical shape possible. Your medical bill will soar to new heights every new year, you will make bad decisions and in our current world economy nobody wants a partially functioning employee. You are appreciated only when you can function at full capacity.

That’s why a warning signal should be fired in your head every time you eat fast food, drink a funky looking liquid or reach for those artificially tasty chips. Ask yourself “How will I look in a couple of years following my current lifestyle?” If you like the picture you are on the right track if not something must be done and you are the only one that can make it happen.

Embrace the wellness lifestyle. Drink 2 liters of water and natural juices every day, eat lots of fruits and vegetables, dairies, relax, workout, and love life. Get on the path to healthy living and never stray from it.

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