The weight loss mind: the 4 commonalities of successful weight loss

May 3, 2009

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Get ready for a radical change and a new sexy body.

Probably you have read all over the place that losing weight is all about motivation and willpower. Losing weight is all in your mind, and you have to give your mind the help it needs so that your mind will in return help you lose weight. There are persons who are walking encyclopedias of weight loss tips and advice that are unable to lose weight effectively. There are a few common characteristics that most o the successful people at weight lose share. And these common things are the key to losing weight and keeping it off forever.

Get relaxed

We are stressed enough in our day to day life. The last thing you need is a weight loss program that is stressful. For many of us good food is a way to comfort and relaxation, a way of getting past all the emotional scars accumulated during the day. The cure for depression is often seek in the fringe with unfortunate results for our bodies. A weight loss plan has greater chances of success if you are in a good mood. If you are happy you won’t feel the desire of chocolate or something sweet. So do everything in your power to get in a happy state: sleep, have fun, dance, meet with friends, enjoy life.


Appreciate yourself to your true valor. You are a sexy king/queen

I have read somewhere the testimonial of a woman that had lost several pounds. She said that every morning she would wake up and while looking at herself she would say: “I look good, I am healthy and full of life, I won’t degrade my body with unhealthy food”. You should try a similar mantra on yourself and see what happens. When you feel beautiful you stop going to the fringe for answers. You no longer think of food and you think about the fabulous spiritual place that you are. So go and take good care of you temple, your body. Make an appointment to a spa and spend one day getting pampered. Buy yourself new and sexier clothes to wear when you have lost the pounds. Pretty soon you will be so motivated that losing weight will be a cinch.

Movement is your friend

Movement and physical exercise are the most important ingredient of a successful weight loss. Your body gets modeled into a sexy shape, you consume more calories and lose weight faster. Lots of physical activity also makes you feel extraordinary good. You don’t have to sweet when you do aerobic exercises for two hours per day. Even walking for 20 minutes is far better than no movement at all.

Don’t set rules that are to severe on you

You are human and humans make mistakes. When you think only in black and white, with no shades of grey, it’s easy to lose your motivation fast. “Oh no I have been weak and eaten a chocolate therefore I am worthless and all my effort until now was futile” is what some get stuck in their head. You will make mistakes and break your weight loss program but hey guess what. Congratulations: you are human. I must tell you that I have broken many of my weight loss rules but I didn’t make the mistake of being too hard on me. I acknowledged the mistake, course corrected and congratulated myself on being a fabulous human being. So if you indulge a craving or skip a workout session it isn’t the end of the world. What you should spend your effort on should be on making sure you won’t do it again soon.

A successful weight loss program, combining dieting and working out, is not something you can do without suffering some major changes. You will change not only the shape of your body but also the way you think, your mind. It is all about getting a healthier lifestyle that will help you stay fit and sexy forever. It isn’t about restriction. Restrictions are the source of binging according to psychologists. The best way to lose weight is by striking the balance between psychical exercise and a healthy nutrition.

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