The Macrobiotic Diet: balancing yin and yang

May 3, 2009

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From an energetic standpoint foods are divided in two categories: foods that amplify yang energy and foods than amplify yin energy. These energies don’t influence our bodies evenly. That is why foods have been classified by George Oshawa, the pioneer of macrobiotic s, in Yang foods and Yin foods.

George Oshawa, also known as Nyoti Sakurazawa, is the founder of macrobiotic medicine, that is becoming increasingly more popular all around the world. Starting from the idea that good nutrition is a good treatment against any disease, Oshawa has elaborated and promoted a multitude of balanced diets from the point of the energetic value of the food that is eaten.


One of the most popular macrobiotic diets is a 10 day diet in which you eat only healthy cereals that are full of Yang energy: wheat, rice, millet, buckwheat.

You can boil the cereals and eat them. Also if you have wholemeal four made of the cereals you can bake bread and other backed goods. You must not eat anything else besides the cereals. In exceptional cases you can eat medicinal plants besides the cereals.

This macrobiotic diet is recommended for all the persons that have the tendency of becoming overweight. Also it is recommended to people that have Yin energy unbalances and those that have chronic diseases. Using this macrobiotic diet you can get a better control over your vital and sexual energy, preventing premature ejaculation. It is recommended also as a treatment of what some consider sexual deviations. But these aren’t all the benefits of this macrobiotic diet: as a result of the diet many cases of impotency or weak potency, caused by alcohol, diabetes, drugs or cancer, have been solved.

As a warning I must confess that I have never tried this diet and I would recommend you stop the diet if you start feeling bad. Go and consult your doctor to make sure your body can support such a diet. If anybody has kept this diet I would really be interested in how it went. Write your experience in the comments below.

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