The Principles of Qigong and Impressive Results

July 6, 2009

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One of the most important principle of Qigong was found and used by the great Qigong masters: the Shaolin monks. About 1600 years ago the Shaolin monks added to their life philosophy the following ides: if God gave the human being a body and not only a brain then humans have the duty to respect this Divine gift by cultivating its qualities to perfection.

That is why there are Shaolin masters who can withstand spear jabs, contact with red hot metals, that can jump 8-10 meters high, break huge stones with one finger, hang for hours by their neck while meditating or walk on sand without leaving a trace. The goal is self performance, and beating yourself. The only race that exists in Qigong is the one with yourself.

Understanding and even being able to see the energetic grid of the human body, the Qigong masters have developed techniques to manipulate qi and redirect it through the body making the energy feed the body better. Intensifying the flow of vital energy through the body is the best way of preventing diseases form happening.


A part of the energy that goes through you is used by your body to protect you from the invasion of pathogen energy. The protective energy is called wei qi. The prevention of diseases and their cure is based on the stimulation of wei qi. Wei qi can be used to bring balance to the zones of the body with less or too much energy.

Lately more and more countries around the world are allocating funds to the scientific research of Qigong, trying to establish the methods of issuing qi and then recreating the effect with the help of some machines. The research also has as an aim the explanation of the therapeutic effects realized through the transfer of qi.

A Qigong practitioner after a minimal training starts to modify its vision about the world, about the yet undiscovered rules of the Universe, laws that he perceives more deeply without being able to explain them. But a Qigong practitioner can prove his deep understanding of the Universe by doinf astonishing feats of strength, healing or mental power. When the force of its mind becomes greater than the force it its muscles, a Qigong practitioner can prove things that are beyond the present knowledge of modern science.

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