The Health Benefits of Qigong

July 6, 2009

Health & Motivation

By practicing Qigong frequently, any person regardless of sex or age can become more healthy. You can regain your health and slow down the aging process. Qigong contains valuable therapeutic techniques being very effective at curing chronic diseases and slowing down infectious or other internal diseases.

Qigong is an excellent way to complement and help modern medicine. There is no incompatibility between the two. If you are suffering from any disease Qigong can help you cure it faster and as painless as possible.

Children that practice Qigong have heightened mental capabilities. At old age Qigong can keep Alzheimer’s disease away from you by keeping your mind sharp and focused.

By practicing Qigong your mind and spirit will become more tranquil and your physical performance will be increased. There 3 sides of Qigong: spiritual, sports and healing and each one is beneficial to you.


By practicing Qigong you will have more well-being and improved health. It is good for you general health. It is true that Qigong can cure specific diseases but this should not be the main reason for practicing it. Qigong isn’t just about adding years to your life but adding more life to your years.

If you decide to practice Qigong you will benefit from more deep and restorative sleeps. When your mind and spirit are at peace you will enjoy a good night sleep every night.

You will have more energy and all the tasks that appear during the day will get completed. You sex life and fertility will also become of legend. Pretty awesome. And the fact that you will have a more beautiful skin will help you conquer the heart of that special someone easier. By practicing Qigong you will eliminate more toxins as your skill increases, making you more healthy.

Your mood will change also and you will be more happy and optimistic. An old Tibetan saying, “You can tell a Yogi by his or her laugh.” Qigong will help you become more optimistic and joyous.

If you want to lose weight Qigong is for you too. It improves your metabolism and digestion. Thus you burn more calories. This combines with the self discipline you get makes it almost impossible for you not to lose weight.

There are more Qigong health benefits like: bright eyes, improved intuition and creativity, spiritual awakening, greater physiological control, comfortable warmth and many more. You just have to try it and see how Qigong will benefit you.

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