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February 23, 2010

Health & Motivation

How many times were you recommended to think positively? Probably so many times take that as a cliche that you no longer take into consideration. How many people manage to mobilize and to see the best of any situation? Less and less everyday. We constantly forget about the great power positive thinking has … it raises us and it can bring us down. Which of these categories will you fit? It is up to you…

Positive thinking has many health benefits. Doctors have long noted the correlation between various health problems and the body’s ability to recover from illness on one side, and the attitude that we have generally, on the other. For example, it was found that women with a melancholic temperament are more likely to get breast cancer. Of course, this does not mean that optimism and positive thinking is a sure way to prevent diseases, but it sure helps to be healthier. You certainly heard the saying  that laughter is a drug. It is true. A positive state of mind has many health benefits.

You know very well that, often, the situation is not as serious as it first seems. But some of us tend to exaggerate, giving things a much larger scale. How we think directly reflects in the cells, having a considerable impact on the body. If you often face stress, fear or anger, over time you become more sensitive, including physically, and your immune system will weaken gradually. The explanation is that, following normal cell regeneration, cells will be affected and will become more vulnerable.

If you think that something bad will happen, it does not necessarily mean it will actually happen, but certainly it will exhaust you mentally, because you expect the worst. As time passes, your body will not absorb vitamins and nutrients from food (which, assuming that you eat healthy; as many vegetables and fruits!) as easily.

I am not trying to tell you that you should treat everything superficially, like a joke, and that you should not care about what happens. No, this is not a solution; do not fall into the other extreme. Try not to panic without a reason, so to speak. On the same note, do not attribute the fact that you gained seven lbs or the fact that your boss criticized you or daily drama. Also, learn to love yourself. Yes, selfishness (in small doses!) may be beneficial, especially in situations like this!

Vitamins and minerals have many health benefits and help you keep your mind focused on the positive side of life.

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