Outdoor sports you can practice for a healthy life

May 19, 2009

Exercise & Fitness

Outdoor sports are a great way to get and stay fit. There is no better way to get out of depression and start enjoying life that getting outside and practicing different sports. You might even make new friends. Your thought will become clearer and your soul will soar with happiness and enjoyment.

Here are just a couple of outdoor sports you can get engaged in:

Bicycling to remind you of childhood

You used to race with you friend when you where a child. Bicycling was a great fun outdoor activity. Plus bicycling is really healthy. Here are some benefits of bicycling:
-bicycling is good for the health of the heart and your general physical condition.
-a bicycle is a good investment. You can use it almost all year and you can cut down on the gas costs by going to work using your brand new bicycle. Also you can roam all over town using the bicycle.
-you get fit and show that you care for the environment at the same time.


It is recommended to ride the bicycle for around 45 minutes daily for 6 days every week. That way you will be in shape and you will burn around 2000 calories. Not bad for having fun with your bike.

Rollerblading has no age limit

Rollerblading makes you feel young. There is no age limit for rollerblading. All you need is the right attitude.

If you have skated then rollerblading should be a cinch. Studies have shown that rollerblading is a complete aerobic exercise, working out all your muscles and helping your heart stay healthy. In just one hour of rollerblading you burn around 400 calories. Also you strengthen your muscles. Besides the extraordinary energy and the freedom feeling you get rollerblading have almost no match.

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Ball games are great outdoor sports

Playing ball games alone is a little harder but possible. But ball games are great to be played in a group. The more the merrier. You can start playing some basketball alone but pretty soon you will be surrounded by teammates. The fun can start then.


Ball games are great for your health. They put in motion multiple muscle groups and train your body at maintaining its balance. There are different types of exercises possible depending on the ball you use and your imagination.

Use your imagination and a whole new world of outdoor ball games will open up for you.

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