Rollerblading for weight loss and staying fit

April 15, 2009

Exercise & Fitness

The weather outside is inviting and you don’t feel any desire to workout inside a stuffed room. The solution is the green park and rollerblading.

Rollerblading has many benefits for your health and it is a great workout:

  • -an cardiovascular exercise good for your heart
  • -it increases the capacity of your lungs and their resistance to effort
  • -it trains the muscle of your feet
  • -it trains your back and abdomen
  • -it increases your coordination

Before you put on your rollerblades it is good for you to warm up: some jogging or some jumping will do. To improve your flexibility make some stretching moves and then put on your rollerblades. Don’t start form the first moment. For a couple of minutes you should rollerblade in an easy manner to get into the rhythm. The same thing you should do to the end of your rollerblading workout: some minutes spend rollerblading at ease and some stretching moves.


Rollerblading is a form of cardiovascular workout, so you will burn much many calories while you practice it. It can be compared with jogging but it spares you the full negative impact on your joints that jogging has. Rollerblading is an excellent workout for your heart (one of the most powerful muscle from our body and the one we cannot control). The faster you rollerblade and the more you move your arms the more efficient your cardiovascular exercise will be.

Rollerblading is probably one of the most fun ways of keeping fit and a great way to spend some fruitful time with your friends and enjoy a good day.

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