Gym In Your Home: Exercises To Lose Weight Fast

March 15, 2011

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Regular exercise is a crucial part of weight loss success, and usually people use not having time to go to the gym as an excuse not to work out. But losing weight effectively and in a healthy way need not cost you a dime. Home exercise, when done correctly and regularly is just as effective as doing it inside the gym.

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Try our surefire ways of losing weight fast without even having to leave the confines of your home. So get up from that couch and get moving! 

1. Stepping

Using the steps in your home could give your heart a good workout. Stepping is one of the most basic forms of cardio, but its benefits can rival a good run at the treadmill. Step exercises tone the legs and buttocks while burning extra calories.

2. Squats

Sqauts target the largest muscles of your body, the legs and buttocks. Squats train the hamstrings and hips as well, while strengthening the bones and ligaments throughout the lower body. There are different variations to performing squats, but all of them require virtually nothing except your effort.

3. Jumping Jacks

The basic jumping jack, which you loved doing as a kid, is a good cardio and strength training workout. Not only is it the perfect warm-up to any exercise routine, jumping jacks promote better blood flow, improve mood, burn calories faster and tones the legs and abdominal area.

4. Dancing

Dancing is one of the best full body workouts in the planet. The repetitive movements that even the most habitually uncoordinated person can do naturally strengthens and tones muscles while burning fat. Dancing keeps the circulation going, delivers greater oxygen to the lungs, fights aging as well as alleviate stress levels.

5. Walking

Walking is a gentle, but very effective way of boosting the metabolism to burn extra calories faster. Walking doesn’t even reuire you to get out of the home, you can easily get an effective workout just by walking around your house or going up and down the flight of stairs. It may not be very exciting, but walking can do a number of benefits to the body, all of which are effects all good cardio workouts can do.

The Skinny

After reading this article, having a busy schedule will no more cut it as a valid excuse for you not to exercise. Combine this with a healthy diet and you’re sure to lose weight fast. Start today and treat each day as an opportunity to move, feel and look better.

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