Green tea and heart and circulatory diseases

February 22, 2010

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Stress also plays a role in these "management diseases" and green tea combats stress. Therefore, a diet that is rich in tea is helpful in cases of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, if a heart attack or an apoplexy stroke have already occurred, angina pectoris and heart failure. In essence, all these diseases are consequences of advanced arteriosclerosis.

Green tea lowers LDL cholesterol "bad" in the blood, which is mainly deposited on blood vessels and raises HDL cholesterol "good", which does not deposit. Another health benefit of green tea is that it reduces blood pressure and actively maintains the fluidity of blood, so you can not form clots so easily. Therefore, people with a high risk factor for the heart and circulatory diseases (stress, smoking, unhealthy nutrition, inactivity hypertension) need to drink as much green tea at every meal, so that it can develop optimal positive effects.

Also, people that are exposed to stress and strain need to take tea breaks as often as possible, during which they completely detach from the noise of everyday life and focus on preparing and enjoying tea. To strengthen the calming effect a teaspoon of dry Lemon balm is infused with 150 ml of water, allow 10 minutes and mix with green tea. Two to three cups daily soothes the nervous system, ensuring a quiet and restful sleep and regulates the heartbeat.

In case there already was a mild heart disease prepare an infusion of one teaspoon of hawthorn leaves and 200 ml of hot water, which you mix with the green tea after 20 minutes. Drink regularly, this blend of herbs and green tea has a hardener effect on the heart, favors blood irrigation and a larger effort capacity.

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