Drinking Green Tea Can Help Cure Some Health Problems

February 22, 2010

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It is a property of EGCG to prevent the amylase enzymes to convert starch into simple sugars. The latter will come, so significantly slower in the blood and the body will not be flooded with sugar. As a result, the pancreas is spared, and glucose is compensated.

Instead, green tea does not affect the digestion of some foods that are rich in sugars, because they will get further from the intestine into the bloodstream, increasing blood sugar. It can not compensate for an unreasonable diet; it is important for diabetics to drink green tea regularly at meals, because in certain conditions it can reduce insulin dependence.

Gout is also a metabolic disease, predisposition for it is hereditary. It appears from casual too much uric acid in the blood, which can not be eliminated rather quickly by the kidneys and is deposited as crystals in joints. They cause painful arthritis crises from time to time, especially in the joints of the hands and fingers of the legs.

In addition to changing your food habits, abundant consumption of green tea has many health benefits, because it stimulates renal activity. Saponines from green tea fixate in the intestine the fat from food, this way they do not get into the body, where they might prevent the elimination of uric acid in the form of alcohol. The effect of control over the acidity from the whole body, green tea has a beneficial effect on arthritis; it is also a natural painkiller. For a thorough cleaning of the kidneys you will drink 3-4 pints of green tea/ day.

Green tea is not only the ideal beverage for patients suffering from gout, but also for quenching thirst in healthy people. Kidneys need 2-3 liters of liquid daily to make use of their function in optimal conditions.

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