Excess Food Is Killing You: Obesity Health Risks

July 1, 2010

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”More die in the United States of too much food than of too little.”~John Kenneth Galbraith, The Affluent Society

Unfortunately more people die in the United Stated because of overeating that of hunger. Being overweight brings all kind of health risks and health problems that the scientists barely begin to understand. That is why if you want to be healthy you have to avoid overeating and getting fat.

The constant rise of the obesity level across the US should be an alarm to all of us. Being obese isn’t healthy at all. You have lots of cardiovascular problems: especially high blood pressure and heart problems. Too much fat in your body also increases your cholesterol, triglycerides level and increases your body’s resistance to insulin.

If you are obese you are 3 times more likely to get diabetes turning your like in a living hell. My grandma has diabetes and her life was changed forever and her health took a sharp turn towards a shorter lifespan. I hate this and if possible lease avoid it.

Other diseases that are liked to obesity are gout, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea, gall bladder diseases, liver diseases, respiratory problems…

Because being obese also screws up your hormone balance, you are more likely to suffer from cancer if you are obese. The more fat you are the more likely you are to get some form of cancer, so make sure you lose weight as soon as possible and maintain your weight.

People that have a BMI of over 40 are so obese that their fat is actually considered a disease, losing weight being prescribed as mandatory by the doctors.

In our fat filled world eating too much is truly easy. Learning to strike the balance and eat just what you need to survive is the key to long and healthy life. Don’t let food kill you. Become the master of what you eat.

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