What is fitness and how can it help you achieve a better life

March 27, 2009

Exercise & Fitness

Usually fitness is associated with a workout using different machines, but our modern definition of fitness has become much broader, representing the modern human thru an old activity: physical exercise and movement.

The concept of fitness contains a huge array of physical and mental activities thru the practice of which you can reach a high quality of life.

Fitness is a dynamic condition, with multiple dimensions, which is based on a positive healthy state of the human being on the mental and physical level and includes the following components:

  • -intellectual fitness;
  • -social fitness;
  • -spiritual fitness;
  • -physical fitness.

Mental sharpness and curiosity, the ability to respond adequately form an emotional standpoint, to create and maintain relationships with others, your interest and involvement in social problems and the capacity to reach your goals and desires with efficiency, vigor and without burnout are key elements of a fruitful life and effective fitness choices.


All these elements of fitness are interconnected, a raise in one level leading to the raising of the others also. That is how it is explained the fact that movement and physical exercise improve physical fitness and gets you in shape but also there are improvements on the psychic, spiritual and professional level.

Fitness isn’t a scheduled workout program for two or three times a week, fitness is a way of living that is accessible to us all. Here are some facts that sustain such a point a view:

-Life is motion and motion is life.

-The human body needs and craves activity.

-The human body can’t handle the daily stress of sitting all day in a chair or on its feet.

-To get energy you must consume some energy first.

-A healthy and worked out body functions at maximum capacity.

– People that workout feel better and have a healthy self-esteem and self-respect.

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