5 secrets for a successful diet and permanent weight loss

March 26, 2009

Diets & Nutrition

Following with rigor a healthy diet, with few fats and a minimum of 1.200 calories per day you can lose 8 lbs in a month. If you workout while dieting you will be pleasantly surprised by the end results. There are 5 secrets to a successful diet and losing weight for good. These secrets are:

1) Weigh yourself only once a week, in the same day at the same hour. Don’t despair if after two days of efforts the needle on the scale isn’t yet showing less weight.

2) Observe your weaknesses. If you like to munch on snacks and junk food while watching TV you would serve yourself and your figure better if you got rid of that bad habit.

3) Every week give yourself a small reward. Use it as a sign of self-appreciation for not straying from the weight loss program.

4) Recover what you have lost. If on a day you didn’t stick to the diet, pick up the schedule the next day, and to fight the negative effect of the lost day take a long walk in a park.

5) Concentrate on your diet. Repeat to yourself the fact that a healthy diet isn’t what you can’t eat, but what you must eat. And above all remember that you don’t have any restrictions to fruits and vegetables.

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