The Best Fitness Routines For Seniors

April 24, 2013


Staying active in your senior years is important. It is less about weight loss and muscle definition as it is about keeping your body healthy and fit. This is why seniors often have different exercise needs than younger people who are looking for something different.
The best exercise routines for seniors are those that are low impact. Bone density has been known to be lessened in later years and this can put seniors at risk when it comes to certain workout routines like lifting weights.

There are plenty of workout regimens that will help seniors to stay fit and active without putting them at risk. These are all activities that can be completed alone or in a group, depending on your personal preferences. These fitness routines all also offer classes that create a safe environment for seniors to work out in without fear.

LIR Water Aerobics ClassWater Aerobics
Water aerobics are a great choice for anyone who has joint pain. Because of the water, it is easier to move around and very low impact. The water itself will add resistance which ups the cardio factor of the workout. Most community centers offer water aerobics routines and classes that were created especially for seniors. These routines often focus on alleviating pain and keeping joints loose.

Tai Chi
Another great low impact cardio workout for seniors is Tai Chi. The movements are slow and deliberate, making it an easy choice for those who cannot move as fast or do not enjoy routines that include cardio like walking or biking. Tai Chi is also a very relaxing martial art. It can help with heart and lung strength as deep breathing is very much a part of a Tai Chi routine. Most gyms offer Tai Chi classes indoors as well as outdoors, and many gyms offer Tai Chi classes that are for seniors only.

The easiest fitness routine for a senior is simply to get out and walk. This can be a great choice if you do not want to be in a class environment or find yourself being more fond of time spent outdoors. If the weather does not allow you to walk outside, most community centers and gyms have walking tracks that you can use free of charge. Hospitals are another great place to walk as they are set out on a grid formation and have regular bathrooms and water fountains for use.

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