Le Forking: The Truth Behind The Health Craze

April 30, 2013


Fork In The Sun #1Women around the world have always been envious of the French woman. After all, French women seem to eat a rich and decadent diet without gaining a pound. With the worldwide spread of the diet craze known as Le Forking, it seems as if the French women have finally decided to share their secret with the rest of the world.

Le Forking, according to those who take part in it, is not so much a diet or a fad as it is a way to change the way you look at your meals and make more healthy connections with your food. The process of it is simple and easy to follow, no matter where you live or whether or not you eat out regularly. Breakfast and lunch are free game, meaning that you can eat whatever you like. Dinner is fork foods only. What this means is that you cannot use knives, spoons or fingers when it comes to your dinner foods. Only things that are ready and able to be picked up on a fork after they are cooked—pasta, fish, vegetables, etc.

This limiting when it comes to foods after 6 p.m.is where Le Forking says that all your weight loss goals will come from since dinner is usually the heaviest and most calorie laden meal of the day. By choosing healthier, fork ready foods, you leave your body with less food to burn overnight. All of this without having to get up the foods you like during the day leads Le Forking to be a diet routine that many women have found easy to stick with.

The Le Forking diet is still new on the international markets and there are not many instances of women giving long term information about this diet. But in the short term, Le Forking seems to be very popular and easy to follow. While you can see weight loss while eating whatever you like during the day, of course it stands to reason that you will see your results even more quickly when you make healthy choices all day long, instead of just during your nightly meal.

When it comes to Le Forking and that French way of life, the proof is in the pudding. By using moderation and healthy choices you can begin to see weight loss without having to give up all of the things you love to eat and enjoy.


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