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May 18, 2009

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The skinny look is out. If you want to be sexy and provocative you must have a firm and fit body. Beautiful muscles that shape your body in an alluring way are extremely sensual. If you decide to ditch your skinny body your purpose is to gain weight. But not fatty weight. You have to gain more weight by developing your muscles, increasing your muscle mass. You have to become a lean mean muscle machine.

There is a big difference between gaining more weight because of increased muscle mass than of increased fat deposits. The main difference is that it is much easier to accumulate fat in your body. But I am sure that you don’t wish to travel on the easy road considering all the health risks. If your weight is under the normal limits you also get all kind of problems besides to not so sexy look. Because of a really skinny body you might get some of the following health issues: low immunity and energy, frail bones and other bone problems …


If you have always been really skinny then you should consult a doctor. You have to find out the cause of your skinniness. It is possible to have a problem with your thyroid gland or another metabolic problem. All these imbalances can be cured by following a treatment and a balanced healthy diet tailored for you.

I am not talking about huge freakish muscles. I am talking about a sexy looking body, were the muscles shape your body and make it stand out as fit. And the best thing about gaining more muscles is the fact that you won’t have to struggle as much to maintain your weight. You can even eat more because your metabolic burns will increase in intensity and you will consume more energy daily. Muscles require more nutrients to get fed and stay healthy. Also working out regularly will open up a new world of possibilities when it comes to eating. Indulging in some craving will be less of a sin because you know you will burn it off soon.

Looking good, sexy, maintaining a constant weight easier and eating more delicious food makes gaining muscles a brain dead choice in my book. I wish you luck.

Find out What to do to gain muscle mass in a healthy way.

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